The Uma Organics Story

The Company

Uma Organics began as a mild interest in sustainable textiles quickly became an obsession with high quality linens that were luxurious, sustainable, organic and most importantly traded in a way that was fair from the end consumer all the way back to the cotton farmer.

Sourcing the finest certified organic cotton from some of the poorest parts of India has made us both extremely proud of the mutually beneficial relationship that has been built with the community of farmers, spinners, weavers, stitchers and the amazing people in between.

By buying Uma Organics products, you too become part of a global movement towards reducing poverty and land destruction created by conventional trade & farming practice.

The Product

Organic Cotton is linen crafted from non-genetically modified cotton plants without the "aid" of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or other harmful & carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde.

This becomes important when you see the statistics that although Cotton plantations take up 2.5% of the Earths cultivated land, non-organic cotton production accounts for 16% of global agrochemical contamination.

Uma Organics Cotton is good for you and your family as it is made COMPLETELY free of harmful agrochemicals that have been connected to skin irritations, air pollution and even cancer.

Uma Organic Cotton is good for the Earth as it upholds groundwater, surface soil quality and protects & promotes local biodiversity.

Uma Organic Cotton is good for the local community that it is grown in, actively working against the unethical and inhumane treatment of workers. All of our farmers, weavers, factory hands and other workers are working for a fair wage under their own volition.

Uma Organics can make the above guarantees as all of our Cotton is produced, manufactured and certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard - undergoing several yearly independent audits.

When shopping for any organic products, not just textiles, ALWAYS look for the appropriate certification. This is the only way you can ensure you are making the best possible product choices for you and your family.

The Fair Fitted Bed Sheet

The Fair Fitted Bed Sheet
The cornerstone product of Uma Organics, The Fair Fitted Bed Sheet is spun with high-quality certified fairtrade organic cotton, naturally soft and very long-lasting.
Manufactured free of harmful chemicals, our fabric is bleached and dyed herbally making all of our products a perfect feelgood choice for your family and the environment.
With standardised Australian sizing and very deep 45cm sides, The Fair Fitted Sheet will hug your mattress snugly and tightly.